Careers at HGA

HGA offers challenging, exciting work; smart, respectful colleagues; a multidisciplinary and truly collaborative environment; opportunities for learning and professional development; and support for and focus on research and innovation. As an employee-owned firm, our people are vested and invested in our success. 

Our Culture

"HGA was founded on the concept that diversity—of thought, experience, and discipline—is integral to great design. As Bruce Abrahamson, one of our founders, said, “We’re better together than we are apart.” Over time, HGA’s definition of diversity has evolved to be inclusive of people of different cultural background, race, gender, religion and sexual orientation. Our success in our practices and our business depends on the diversity of thought cultivated through a culture of inclusivity." - CEO Tim Carl

HGA's collaborative tradition began in 1953 with the partnership of two young architects, Richard Hammel and Curt Green. Joined in 1954 by Bruce Abrahamson, the three-initially working together out of Curt Green's basement-sought to bring the best of modern design to Minnesota.

Today, HGA has eight offices from coast to coast and employs over 700 people. But there's something about our co-founders' legacy that permeates HGA: a work ethic, a genuineness, a resiliency, a collaborative spirit. We're proud of that and know it is a significant factor in why people think this is a great place to work.