Minnesota State Capitol Restoration Celebrates Grand Opening August 11 - 13, 2017 

St. Paul, Minnesota

The Minnesota State Capitol Restoration by HGA celebrates its Grand Opening August 11-13, highlighting a comprehensive historic restoration, renovation and repair initiative that has returned the iconic Capitol to its original architectural vision.

The five-year restoration touched virtually every aspect of the Capitol—from inside to outside, from the dome to the basement—renewing and modernizing the building for a new generation of Minnesotans.

Historic Background

Originally constructed in 1905 by renowned architect Cass Gilbert, the Minnesota State Capitol had reached a critical deterioration point with crumbling exterior marble and stone; antiquated mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems; inadequate life-safety systems; inefficient public areas; and water-damaged and deteriorating decorative paint and murals throughout the interior.

Three primary goals governed the project. The first goal was improving functionality, to ensure the Capitol effectively serves government functions for the next 100 years. The second goal was securing an open and public building by upgrading life-safety initiatives, improving accessibility, and providing secure mechanical systems and infrastructure. The third goal was to preserve and restore the architectural integrity of the historic landmark, as well as essential design elements related to interior details and exterior stone.

In large part, the extensive work required to complete the restoration is invisible. “The highest compliment anyone could pay the design and construction team is, ‘What did you really do?’” says Debra Young, project manager, HGA. “The complexity of effort that went into what you don’t see was astounding—effort that made the building safer, more secure and more accessible, while preserving the building’s historic characteristics and ensuring it looks just as it did in 1905. That’s the real story.”