Molly Eagen Presents at Building Simulation 2017

Building Simulation 2017
 brings together practitioners and researchers from around the world to share information about simulation tools and applications. The conference will feature new research to improve simulation capabilities for advanced low-energy building systems, case studies, and ongoing efforts to support radiant and other energy efficient systems. Join HGA during the following presentation in San Francisco.

Debate: Is it Dangerous for Architects to do Energy Analysis?

Monday, August 7 at 3:30 p.m.


  • Molly Eagen (HGA)
  • Andrew Corney (Sefaira)
  • Claire Maxfield (Atelier Ten, San Francisco)
  • Chris Chatto (ZGF Architects, Portland)
  • Adam Kyle (Meyers Plus, San Francisco)
  • Matthew Payne (WSP | Parson’s Brinkerhoff, New York)
  • Anica Landreneau (HOK, Washington DC)

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Molly Eagen is an architectural designer and sustainability researcher with a passion for connecting these worlds. Her research includes topics of high performance building and energy design simulation, resilience/climate adaptation, sustainable lifestyles/community engagement, resource depletion, and data analysis at county, city, campus and building scales.