VISA Tenant Improvement

Palo Alto, California

At its core, Visa’s history and success as a leading payment company is based on the fabric of creating and revolutionizing digital currency. So it was natural that they would look to the community of Palo Alto – the embodiment of technology and innovation – to expand their team of engineers in a new location.

3856_001_00_Visa TI js 1069_medium.jpg

Palo Alto’s tree lined streets and surrounding native tree population drove the design theme for Visa’s new office. From the lobby (the base of the tree) to the top 3rd floor (the canopy) HGA thoughtfully placed elements of wood and materials that mimicked the effect of leaves on branches. The idea was to emanate the ambiance of the theme in an understated and indirect way. For instance, the design team channeled the creativeness of artist, Richard Diebenkorn as inspiration behind the Krion wall features that imitate the shape of leaves and tree trunks.

3856_001_00_Visa TI js 0743_medium-1.jpg

HGA was challenged to creatively approach concerns around acoustics, technology infrastructure and security of the space. In order to meet strict schedule milestones, the team worked closely with vendors to identify long-lead items and order them in a timely manner as well as specifying finishes with a quick turnaround. In order to provide the required “quiet” purpose of the space, softsound ceiling panels, customized acoustical textiles, carpet, rubber tiles, and DIRTT wall systems were strategically installed throughout.

3856_001_00_Visa TI js 0835_medium.jpg

The result is an office environment that Visa is excited about because HGA met their programming needs with the added touch of unexpected, but clever artistic touches. All the while making the process a collaborative and enjoyable experience!